The Sims 4: What Could They Add To Liven The Experience?

Upon their announcement of The Sims 4 yesterday, Maxis and EA sent an email with some vague information about the content of the new game, as well as its release platforms and the fact that it would be available sometime next year.  In this email they mentioned something about giving the players a “a deeper connection with the most expressive, surprising and charming Sims ever”.  This got me thinking…

What Could They Do With The Sims 4?

To start with, I considered everything I thought was a bit off about the Sims in The Sims 3.  The aging and interactions always confused me, since only certain interactions were allowed between age groups and they development of friendships could be hindered by this fact.

the sims 4

With gradual aging, these could be two different aged children or teens.

My idea is that as Sims age in The Sims 4, they grow steadily, “aging up”, so to speak, each night.  They would advance in size gradually, and unlock new interactions as they aged.  Their clothing would need to be changed at a set interval based on growing out of the clothes.  Height would be a variable based on genetics, rather than being based solely on their age group.  Certain skills would begin to unlock as the Sims got to an appropriate age to start learning them.

Interactions, like I said before, could be based on age rather than age group, allowing certain teens to interact romantically with certain adults, based on legalities (17 and 18 year olds, essentially).  This would hopefully mediate the issue of having a Sim that is too young to interact with their significant other, even if they had been dating for a long time.

The Sims 4

Assuming they’re at least close in age, this should be allowed between teens and young adults.

The addition of body modification (botox, breast modification, steroids) as well as dynamically animated hair and other factors in The Sims 4 could add depth to the customization options currently available.  Work interactions would add more social depth to a Sims daily life, and fits with their goal of deepening the connection between the Sims.

What Else Should They Add?

The following is simply a wish list of features I either miss dearly, or would like to see implemented as a fresh take on today’s society in The Sims 4.

  • Player Owned Businesses (originally featured in The Sims 2: Open For Business Expansion Pack)
the sims 4

Open For Business allowed for an in depth business simulation to take place, and that was in a previous game engine. We’re more advanced now, I’d hope.

    • Players would purchase a plot of commercially zoned land (or buy a residential lot and pay to have it rezoned)
    • They could then proceed to open a store to sell any number of Buy or Build mode items, as well as other things like groceries or books
    • They could set an advertising budget and/or hire other Sims to work for them
    • Positive interactions propel the business forward, similar to the way resorts are going to work in Island Paradise


  • Weather and Seasons in The Sims 4 Base Game (Featured in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 Seasons expansion packs)
    • This would be the first time that this obvious feature would be included in the base game
    • Would be nice to have wind to tussle the dynamically animated hair I recommended above


  • Any Other Content That Makes Sense to Already Exist in The Sims 4 Base Game
    • Moving to a new game and removing common sense additions from the base game seems to be backwards
    • I’d like to see all the musical instruments, as well as anything that didn’t necessarily require you to travel around


  • Larger Cities
The Sims 4

Cities could consist of small livable regions similar to SimCity, allowing commuting (and playing) between regions.

    • Include all of the basic regions of a large city, including the urban downtown areas, upper and middle class suburbs, and the rural country areas, all in one map/region
    • Could implement the SimCity map concept for this, allowing your Sims to commute between “cities”


  • Managing Utilities
    • If not managing the way power and water is routed through the house, at least managing the usage and cost of the utilities
    • Use less water and power this week?  Pay less on your house payment
    • Add power neutral or positive buy/build mode options to remove your dependence on the grid, or even supply power to the grid for a payoff

Please do realize, the game is already deep in development.  Games like this often take years to develop, so they have likely already been working on it for a very long time.  Much of the content listed above is likely been scrapped, or not discussed.  Just to reiterate, all the above is my personal thoughts on what they could add to make The Sims 4 a richer experience than we have ever had before.

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