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PS4’s Share Button Can Be Disabled By Devs To Stop Gamers Posting Spoilers

When you add a new feature to a games console, there’s going to be upsides and downsides. With the PlayStation 4’s new share button, there were always going to be some obvious problems but don’t worry, Sony have already tackled the biggest one.

If you’re worried that new share button on the PS4’s controller is going to cause some major spoilers to be posted around the internet, never fear as Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide Studios, told Japanese site 4Gamer that developers can disable the share button at certain points in their games.

Some of you might have noticed the Vita already has this functionality, as you can take screenshots of your Vita screen at almost any point you like, except when the developer has disabled it in order to stop you from spoiling a particular section of the game. Yoshida says a similar mechanism is being implemented on the PS4’s share button, for example the developer may want to keep the final boss fight a secret, so users will not be able to make a shareable video of that section.

Even now, without a share button, gamers are able to create and share videos of whatever game they’re playing but the share button will make it that much easier, as there’s no need for recording equipment. Plus, thanks to the Gaikai Cloud, the PS4 constantly records what you do, so if something surprising happens, you can go back, watch it and then make a shareable video.

It’s great to see Sony are thinking ahead, no one likes having a game spoilt for them and it just shows that Sony are trying their best to make the PS4 a great experience for both gamers and developers alike.

Thanks, Eurogamer.