inFamous: Second Son Details Revealed

Today came the reveal that the next issue of Game Informer magazine (June 2013) will be a PlayStation 4 heavy issue. The magazine confirmed via their website that there will be 30 pages of information on the next generation console from Sony. 10 of these pages will be dedicated to one of the first games announced for the PlayStation 4: SuckerPunch’s inFamous: Second Son.

The game was revealed through a trailer during the PlayStation Event in February that showed off its oppressive society, complete with excessive CCTV and armored SWAT-like law enforcement. There was a very thin line of information that could be drawn from such a video, as only the view of the protagonist and how he fights were the big reveals. Today, Gaming Everything has released information from the magazine, summarizing the information nicely for us to peruse at our leisure.

On the summary there are some very big announcements. For example, there is a massive blowout of info on the main character of Second Son Delsin Rowe, who is a “24-year-old Native American.” There is a significant change in powers, as we briefly saw in the trailer as he will have the ability to “control smoke” and use “smoking fireballs” against his enemies. There is the hint toward the possibility of there being more powers than just smoke, as the website points out that he can “absorb other conduits’ power.” Conduits are the characters from the previous inFamous games who have special abilities, the best example of which being the protagonist of the first two games, Cole McGrath, who can control electricity. Similar to these games, certain areas will allow you to replenish your character’s abilities. Whereas Cole could use electrics, Delsin can utilize chimneys, smoke grenades and even destroyed cars. There are similar moves (like the thunder drop, but with smoke), new moves (like “a smoke-dash maneuver somewhat like Nightcrawler”) and still unannounced moves. Exciting stuff!

There is confirmation of the oppression of the law as a new government agency called the “Department of Unified Protection”, who capture and treat Conduits as if they were terrorists. The magazine even refers to them as being labelled “bioterrorists.” Story-wise, the whole game is based around a freedom vs. security theme in an environment that has parallels to post-9/11 America. There is an allusion to a similar method of choice-based progression as in the previous games as “make a decision about killing a DUP officer or not.”

Lastly, there is the inclusion of touchpad action for the new Dualshock 4 controller. Players can absorb smoke by placing both thumbs on the pad while it is also used to “free conduits in cells.”

Keep with Leviathyn for more on inFamous: Second Son over the coming months.

(Thanks to Gaming Everything.)