Humble Double Fine Bundle Now Available

Acclaimed video game developer Double Fine Productions is anything but humble about being the newly featured Humble Bundle from now until May 21st appropriately titled: The Humble Double Fine Bundle.

Headed by game designer Tim Schafer, whose comedic storytelling style included Day of the Tentacle and Secret of Monkey Island, Double Fine Productions’ hit games included for this Humble Bundle include Psyhconauts, the sublime coming of age story about a boy during summer camp that happens to involve psychic powers; Stacking, a unique adventure that involves stacking with other dolls to change abilities and solve puzzles; and the adorable RPG Costume Quest. As per the Humble Bundle, you are free to pay as much or as little as you like to get your hands on these three games while donating to worthwhile charities in one swoop.

And as the cliche infomercial narrator would say: “That’s not all.”

Donating to the Humble Double Fine Bundle will get you these games and both soundtracks to Psychonauts. And if you donate as little as $.01 more than the current average donation, the Humble Double Fine Bundle will throw in the recently released PC version of the rock & roll RTS Brutal Legend starring Jack Black as well as the Brutal Legend soundtrack for free. Brutal Legend alone costs about $20 on Steam by itself.

Contributing at least $35 will get you a preorder of Double Fine’s Kickstarter project Broken Age as a “slacker backer.” And if you’re feeling really generous, a $70 contribution gets you all of the above and a commemorative shirt showing off the Humble Double Fine Bundle.

For a chance for some truly fun and unique games, be sure to take advantage of the Humble Double Fine Bundle. Who knows, there may be even more surprise freebies for those who contribute early.