Hotline Miami Tweets Coded Message to Followers

Fans and followers of Dennaton Games’ stylized kill ’em all game Hotline Miami received a bizarre tweet yesterday that reads: “LSSRUTB UYO SEEL LNLS ERED LEH.”

Hotline Miami was a crazy game about a crazy murderer whose mental state gradually becomes even more questionable as visions of masked strangers discuss his identity and his world gets worse for wear–and he’s the protagonist. With over the top violence, fast & visceral gameplay, and a cool soundtrack, Hotline Miami lets you embrace your inner psychotic just enough to beat the game or be part of its release trailer.

People are already trying to crack the code to determine whether the message reveals anything about the confirmed sequel or something that references the original game, which had a puzzle involving a code to decrypt that would lead to the complete ending.

Or maybe a cat just ran across the keyboard.

In case you needed a a feel for the first Hotline Miami game again: