Electronic Arts: Battlefield Premium Has 3.5m+ Subs, Origin Has 47m

Through a press release, Electronic Arts have announced their Q4 and Fiscal Year 2013 reports. Within, there were the details of the sales of various games such as Battlefield and FIFA and the revenue they have generated for the company.

Battlefield Premium, the service that was launched for Battlefield 3 giving subscribers access to the map packs first, stat tracking among other things, has reached the milestone of having over 3.5 million subscribers to its services. This is much less than Call of Duty Elite’s 10 million but the difference here is that Elite has 2 million paying subscribers in those 10 million while all of Battlefield Premium’s subscribers are paying the cost. This number of subscribers has pushed revenue through the service to $120 million for the March quarter.


In terms of the massive FIFA franchise, FIFA 13 has sold 14.5 million copies this fiscal year. According to the report that is an increase of 30% over last year’s FIFA 12 game. While that is a major improvement, the digital net revenue for the game reached $200 million which is an increase of 94% over FIFA 12.


SimCity, the game that everyone could not stop talking about for a very long time, has sold over 1.6 million copies, with around 50% of that being downloaded through digital means. Meanwhile, The Simpsons: Tapped Out has been a large success for the publisher as the game has now made almost $50 million since its release last August.


Surprisingly, Electronic Arts’ competitor to Steam, called Origin, has now got over 47 million registered users to its name which is a considerable achievement for the  company considering the stranglehold that Valve’s Steam service holds over the PC market currently.

There was also another confirmation of the deal with Disney for the license to create major Star Wars games. These can be based on any character or storyline, not necessarily just film tie ins. Disappointingly for EA, Disney will keep a hold of mobile games for Star Wars, meaning they cannot build on their Tapped Out game’s success with another well established franchise.