Bethesda Announces Wolfenstein: The New Order

As of late, Bethesda has become quite fond of teasing its fans over Twitter. A short amount of weeks ago they did it with Shinji Mikami’s new game The Evil Within, and today they just finished up their tease of a new Wolfenstein game, The New Order. The game takes place in an alternate reality during the 1960’s, during which the Nazi’s have won World War II. Bethesda is teasing that players, still under the guise of familiar Wolfenstein protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz, will be able to acquire powerful weapons that the Nazi’s used conquer earth and beyond.

The game is under development by MachineGames, a company owned entirely by Zenimax, Bethesda’s parent company. This information, along with a reveal trailer and a promise for more information over the coming weeks, is available at GameSpot. MachineGames was formed by the founders of Starbreeze Studios (the same people behind Chronicle of Riddick), and was acquired by Zenimax in 2010. Considering this is their first game that we have heard of, it is safe to assume that Wolfenstein: The New Order is their first title, and they may have been working on it for the past three years.

It is unsaid whether or not Wolfenstein: The New Order will use the id Tech engine, but considering its predecessor was made with id Tech 4, it is probably not a stretch to imagine this game with the id Tech touch.

The most recent game in the Wolfenstein series was released in 2009, developed by Raven Software and published by Activision. The game received average reviews, although it may have caused layoffs at  Raven Software (the same minds behind the fantastic Singularity), due to sales below expectations.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is slated for release on all current and next-gen systems (excluding the Wii U) during Q4 2013. That is not terribly far away folks, so get ready!

With the recent knowledge that Bethesda has learned how to tease fans via social networking, what would you like to see next? Among the flood of people wishing for a Fallout 4, I’m sure there are other IP’s of Bethesda’s out there that people are expecting, and here’s hoping that they get teased in the next coming weeks.

[Source: GameSpot]

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