Alice Otherlands

Spicy Horse Games Are Looking For The World’s Best Alice Cosplayer

Spicy Horse Games are looking for the best Alice Cosplayer as part of their new Kickstarter campaign. The contest will give one cosplayer the opportunity to appear in the work-in-progress Kickstarter pitch video for Alice: Otherlands. In case you haven’t heard, Alice: Otherlands is the still-in-negotiation successor to the American McGee Alice series. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Alice fans, so all you need to do to enter is grab your Vorpal Blades and read the rules below:

To enter you need to send one image of yourself dressed as Alice, preferably in her ‘classic’ Alice blue and white dress. The image should show the entire costume, from boots to black hair, and should be no larger than 2MB. You need to send this image via email to [email protected], and include your name, age, country of origin, contact information and a brief introduction to yourself.

All entries are due by the 20th May 2013, so make sure you get yours sent in as soon as possible! One lucky winner will be flown to Shanghai, China, in June 2013 and will appear in the video shoot for the Kickstarter campaign. This means you MUST be able to travel to China during June, so make sure you have plenty of time to sort your Visa.

Spicy Horse want to iterate that entrants must have a valid passport and be of legal age to travel, and you need to be able to speak fluent English (to read the lines in the video). Spicy Horse Games will pay for your travel to China, but won’t pay for passports or visas.

Sadly the contest doesn’t guarantee that Alice: Otherlands will enter production or succeed with the Kickstarter, but it’s still an amazing experience for any Cosplayer to win. If you want more information on the upcoming Alice game you can check out the Alice: Otherlands Facebook group, which will have updates on the contest as well as the game.

In the meantime you can check out one of the creepiest entries Spicy Horse have received, and remember to make sure that entries are received on time.

Alice Creepy