Dark Matter Entertainment Releases Family-Friendly MMO

World of Trinketz, a new 3D MMO game for Facebook, was opened for play today by Dark Matter Entertainment. The game was created to offer parents and children alike a massive multiplayer experience that encourages creating, sharing, and playing free from violence.

“We set out to create a game that everyone can enjoy–without some of the aggression involved in a lot of MMO games today,” Dark Matter CEO Josh Druckman said. “The fact that players can make the experience as simple or involved as they want is going to be appealing to a lot of players.”

Trinketz are inanimate, everyday objects that have come to life with personalities all their own. Each Trinketz features customization options and level up over time. Players can form unique, lasting friendships with Trinketz as well, and they sometimes offer rewards to those that befriend them.

In the game, players can collect and customize hundreds of different Trinketz. Likewise, players can build their own worlds and decorate them with their collections and creations.

Players can explore the game on their own or play online with others. Activities include dancing, farming, baking, fishing, playing music, and more.

TrinketBesides that, World of Trinketz fans can take on various missions or quests and take time exploring the vibrant, colorful world the game offers.

Dark Matter Entertainment’s title is aimed at gamers of all ages and at those that want a multiplayer experience that’s free from combat and violence but still engaging, rewarding, and entertaining.

World of Trinketz is the first family-friendly MMO released on Facebook. You can join in and play now at trinketz.com.

Dark Matter Entertainment is a Toronto-based game development studio whose goal is to make high quality social and mobile games for the mass market.

In 2007, the developer won the first round of the Great Canadian Game Competition for their title Vertical Ascent. In 2008 they were awarded the OMDC Interactive Digital Media Fund and received funding from Telefilm’s New Media Fund for World of Trinketz.