Watch: Cancelled Star Wars Battlefront III In Action

Free Radical’s Star Wars: Battlefront 3 may have been cancelled years ago, but that hasn’t stopped user PtoPOnline from streaming roughly two hours of the game this past weekend.

His streams of the game show various areas from the cancelled third-person shooter. While Free Radical claimed that the game was “99% complete” when it was cancelled by publisher Lucasarts, the footage is noticeably rough, with drab environments and a uneven framerate. It’s possible that PtoPOnline’s stream is of an earlier build of the game, but we suspect this was the state the game was in upon it’s cancellation.

Whatever the case, you can watch PtoPOnline’s streams below.

Part One

Watch live video from ptoponline on TwitchTV


Part Two

Watch live video from ptoponline on TwitchTV

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