Viruses And Infections Are Vital To Resident Evil: Revelations HD

The second part of the developer diary for the upcoming HD re-release of Resident Evil: Revelations has surfaced on Capcom Unity and their Youtube channel. The video shows the director for the game, Kazuhisa Inoue, speaking about the importance of viruses as themes in the Resident Evil series. He gives a basic medical description of what viruses are and what effect they can have on people. He then switches subjects to how they use viruses to influence the monsters they create, explaining the zombie-like enemies that are encountered in every Resident Evil title. Inoue explains that although the monsters that are present in Resident Evil: Revelations are frightening, they are somewhat believable because of the fact that they originate from something we live with everyday: viruses and diseases.

Inoue then hands the reins to Akiko Hashimoto, the interface designer for the game. Hashimoto talks about two of the enemies in the game, and states that the reason the player is shown what they looked like before their mutation is so they can determine just how badly the virus mutates something. It also serves as a subconscious reminder to the player of how badly the game world will suffer if they fail on their assigned mission.

Finally, control turns over to Go Ozawa, a programmer for the upcoming title. He talks about small details that make it difficult for developers to set their horror games apart from others, and says that with Revelations HD, they are using sounds effects in addition to crisp visuals in order to hopefully provide the scariest experience possible.

Resident Evil: Revelations was a fantastic addition to the 3DS’ library back in 2012. It supported the Circle Pad Pro expansion for the 3DS, and is one of the only games to this day to do so. The news of an HD re-release so shortly after its original release is odd, but I am definitely not going to pass up the opportunity to play another great Resident Evil game on a console, especially since it’s coming to the Wii U, hopefully helping Nintendo sell a few more units.

Feel free to watch the dev diary for yourself, and let us know if you see anything else of note.


[Source: Capcom-Unity]