Top 10 Lightsabers In Star Wars

In honor of May the 4th, here are the top 10 lightsabers in the Star Wars universe. The coolest and most interesting/unique ones…

1. Mace Windu’s


Though the rubber grip is a little wide here…

Mace’s sword is decidedly sleek looking. With an overall polished metal hilt and rings of gold complimenting the slim design, it’s hard not to appreciate the uniqueness of it. Also, it is the only purple colored lightsaber to ever be featured in a Star Wars flick to date. (Here’s hoping that Episode VII changes this!)

2. Galen Marek/Starkiller’s


A weathered and evil saber.

This lightsaber looks like a dark side version of Anakin’s from episodes II and III. The uncovered red crystal is also a very nice touch.

3. Asajj Ventress’



What a strange, snaky saber. I suppose she had to keep up with her master – Count Dooku – and his curved, more maneuverable hilt. This takes it to another level of strangeness though. Asajj commonly separates and battles with them akimbo style.

4. Qui Gon Jinn’s


Silver on black is a welcome change to black on silver.

Yes! The character himself might have been robotic and stale, but the green lightsaber he battled with was brilliantly designed.

5. Exar Kun’s


Like someone killed two spiders and stuck them on both ends.

What the heck! This double bladed monster puts Darth Maul’s to shame. Of course, being an infamous Jedi Knight turned Dark Lord permits you to stand out from the crowd with crazy designs.

6. Darth Malgus’


Now, I despise The Old Republic with a passion. It can not compete with KOTOR. But the main baddie, Darth Malgus does have a very strange and interesting saber. Claw-shaped at the front, almost.

7. Mara Jade’s


Minor spoiler I guess, if you haven’t read the very old but very excellent Heir to the Empire trilogy of books written by Timothy Zahn. Mara Jade, the rogue badass lady that once hunts Luke Skywalker, later joins him on the Jedi Council. Pretty cool. And her lightsaber is distinctly girly, which I honestly have never seen in any other design.

8. Yarael Poof’s


It matches his neck in a way. *Boom*

The award for highest amount of minimalism in a lightsaber design goes to Yarael Poof . Remember him? You probably don’t. He was the alien on the Jedi Council with the really really long neck. Now do you remember? … …. …. Yup.

9. Luke Skywalker’s (Episode VI)


After the one inherited from his father was fatefully lost on Bespin City (ironically, in a battle with his father [spoilers]), Luke needed a new model to combat Jabba The Hutt and conquer evil on the Death Star II. Luckily, lightsaber plans were found in the hermit Ben Kenobi’s hut on Tatooine! Hence the similar resemblance Luke’s new saber shares with Obi-Wan’s in the prequels.

This story alone warrants the lightsaber to be at such a high place on this list.

10. Darth Sidious’


The evilest of evil. The most corrupt man in the galaxy, hungry for universal domination of all who are weak enough to be dominated. The man had to have a lightsaber that inflicted fear into the eyes of anyone who even saw it.

If you happened to be unfortunate enough to see this gold devil, your days were already over.