The Best Anime on Netflix

Netflix isn’t the best place to watch anime. It lacks the classic titles that anime fans love, and there seems to be a lot better places to watch anime online. But as a new comer to the anime scene I’ve gon e through the Netflix library learning what I like and what I don’t. In the past couple of months since I started watching anime its Netflix appearance has dwindled. No more Ghost in the Shell, no more Akira, no more Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood… So without any of these titles, and a long list of other classics, here are the remaining 4 Best Anime on Netflix Instant Download. I wish I could recommend more, but the list gets smaller and smaller every day.



Its animation might be a little outdated, but I’ve come to find Trigun to be a solid show. Trigun isn’t normally the type of series I’m into. I don’t care for Westerns, or goofy main characters, but I found myself enjoying both in this show. It’s by no means my favorite anime, not even my favorite anime on Netflix, but it’s worth checking out if you haven’t seen it before.



Unlike so many other anime shows Mushi-Shi doesn’t rely on wacky characters and violence. Instead Mushi-Shi focuses on a very thoughtful and almost spiritual subject, Mushi, the primeval embodiment of life. Each episode goes into deep and interesting content, and is one of the most intriguing anime series I’ve seen. The main character Ginko is one of the coolest characters on Television without having to swing a sword or shoot a gun.

Full Metal Alchemist


Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood was some of the best anime on Netflix. But for some reason they took it off. Luckily Full Metal Alchemist remained. It might not be quiet as good as Brotherhood, but it gets the job done. Besides Miyazaki movies this was the first anime that I actually watched, and the show that got me into the genre. You’ve probably watched this series before, but if you haven’t you should definitely put this on your instant queue. The Elric brothers have a story that’s worth watching.

Samurai Champloo


Ever heard of Cowboy Bebop? Well Samurai Champloo as the same director, and it shows in how fantastic this show is. It’s setting of feudal Japan mixed with hip hop culture: amazing. It’s characters that make up every kind of badass imaginable: awesome. The plot and story development from the first to last episode: perfect. I watched this show non-stop from start to finish because it was so good, and is definitely deserves the number one spot as the best anime on Netflix.