Super Mario Bros. Movie

Super Mario Bros. Movie Returns to Theatres for 20th Anniversary

The 1993 live action Super Mario Bros. movie is returning to the big screen for its 20th anniversary.

The critically panned Super Mario Bros. movie starring Bob Hoskins as Mario and John Leguizamo as Luigi will be playing on May 24th at the NuArt Theatre in Los Angeles. The film is notorious for straying too far from the original Super Mario games in look, tone, and feel due to its numerous script rewrites. The movie was originally envisioned as a comedic fantasy film similar to The Princess Bride, before shifting back and forth to a gritty Mad Max world for the plumbers to explore. Today, the Super Mario Bros. movie is seen as a “so bad it’s good” film and was briefly mocked by Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett from Rifftrax. Here’s the official Facebook announcement about the Super Mario Bros. movie coming back to theaters:

The time has come! As the 20th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. draws near, we are pleased to announce a special screening that will be held at the NuArt Theatre in Los Angeles, CA on Friday, May 24th at midnight!

Screenwriter Parker Bennett and production designer David L. Snyder will be sitting on a Q & A panel, answering questions from fans.

We will also have a few other anniversary surprises, so be sure to join us in the festivities!

For more information on how the film came to be, check out the Super Mario Bros The Movie Archive.