PlayStation 4 Info Spotted on PSN

A hacker known by the name SKFU has been snooping around on the PlayStation Network recently. According to, he is known for “sniffing around and manipulating network packets.” He tends to know things that Sony doesn’t want you to know before many other people, and this hacker seems to have found some data that directly links to the PlayStation 4.

Using a tool that he created himself, called “PSNSS” or its full name PlayStation Network Secrets Search, SKFU took a look into Sony’s network servers and set the tool to find any and all information about the hardware manufacturer’s newest home console. What came up was a string of data that shows what Sony have been testing out for the PlayStation 4:


From the image, we can see that there are multiple test products being uploaded onto the PlayStation Network servers. These are presumably to test how the network will deal with the inclusion of new games for the new console, as it was not originally built for the next generation. The test products are lined up alongside PlayStation 4 announcements and franchises, none of them named in any way as they are all referred to by code, but we now know Sony is well on its way to prepping the PlayStation Network for the next generation of home gaming.

As Wololo points out, how are there still people with access into the PlayStation Network? Surely after the fiasco with the hacks last year, causing Sony to issue an apology with various major games for free, the Network would be more sound than for a hacker to have a program that routinely checks all the information on the servers. Worrying stuff indeed, especially as this has suggested that the PlayStation 4 will run on the same system used at the time of the hacks.

What do you think about the information? Is Sony wise to base the PlayStation 4’s Network on the same network that was hacked?

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