Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Sequel?

Today, Larry Hyrb (or, as we like to call him, Major Nelson) posted his episode of “Major Nelson Radio” to SoundCloud. This is a show where the Microsoft employee talks to various people about the games that are coming out and many other things. While this piece of information is rather mundane, there was interesting conversations that took place regarding the future of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.


Major Nelson talks over the phone to Michael Biehn, the voice of the Blood Dragon protagonist Rex Power Colt and Terminator actor. The actor talks about his children who play Call of Duty, and how games are a large property similar to films. One of the interesting points is where he talks about his meeting with Blood Dragon Creative Director Dean Evans, who had “so many ideas” and thinks about “sequel, the sequel to that…movies…”. He wanted the game to be “retro and always wanted me [Michael Biehn] in it.” He also says that he understands the sales of Blood Dragon are “five times” what Ubisoft expected for it. While this does not exactly confirm a sequel, he later goes onto say “He was going into a meeting today to, you know…turn it into a franchise. He has a sequel in mind.”

So, not only is the game selling “five times” more than Ubisoft expected, the Creative Director is in meetings to talk about making a franchise out of the game.

Far-Cry-3-Blood-Dragon-3 Far-Cry-3-Blood-Dragon-6

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is an expansion of sorts for Far Cry 3. It does not require the original game itself, and is based upon the original’s gameplay mechanics but turned into a retro, comedic first person shooter. The game has been well received by critics and users alike, shown by the game’s rating on Metacritic (79% on Xbox 360, 82% on PC and 80% on PS3). Leviathyn’s own review of Blood Dragon praised the game and gave it a great score of 8.5. 


Would you buy a sequel to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon? Let us know.

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