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Would You Rather: Gamer Edition (Part 3)

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I love MMORPG’s. I don’t play them nearly as much as I used to, but my best friend and I become so largely based on the fact that we were both avid gamers of the Runescape variety. Later on we would take up WoW, and eventually GW2. These, in addition to a spattering of personal romps into various much less popular titles, leave me feeling quite weathered when it comes to my at the very least basic knowledge of virtual worlds. Therefore, it was inevitable that I would eventually come to a “Would you rather?” relating to them.


So anyway- Chums up! Let’s do this!



        Would you rather live in Gielinor (Runescape) or Azeroth (WoW)?


I know I mentioned Guild Wars up above, but I’ve logged far more hours in these two. I was (and still am) one of those jerks who spends more time running around trying to see every inch of the map than actually playing the game, which made leveling a very slow process for me. That said, it also means that I have an extremely good feel for the worlds of both games.


Azeroth is a sexy, sexy place. There is no denying that. The buildings, the people (“Azerothians?”), the protrusions from the ground all have a sort of cohesiveness despite representing a variety of in-game cultures/environments. There is an intelligently designed monetary system that breaks up pricing more clearly than in most game worlds (gold, silver, and copper coins with each factoring into one another rather than just gold), and thousands of job opportunities for adventurers, salespeople, soul-resurrectors, you know- everyday normal stuff.


The health benefits are fantastic.

The health benefits are fantastic!

Runescape is a mostly free game, but since we’re already blowing 15 a month on WoW, the least we can do is drop 5 for a Runescape premium. Right off the bat one thing Runescape doesn’t have is seamlessness- every time I went to pick up groceries or deadly weapons I would find myself pausing mid-step to load every half mile or so. That second may not be so bad at first, but over a lifetime that would add up. Additionally, when I inevitably died I would wind up back in Falador in my undergarments surrounded by endlessly-patrolling white knights.


Dressed for... success?

Dressed for… success?


The thing about Runescape’s Gielinor that I find positive is that (despite the issues) if I was there, I could go where I wanted when I wanted- I can go to freakin Camelot! There’s teleportation for all, no nasty factions telling me I need to stick to my side of the line or they’ll kill me (or, at least, not in the case of whole halves of continents). I can be whatever I want- there are no skill restrictions in Runescape. With enough time I could be the world’s best mageknightarcherchef and my mom would finally be proud of me. As far as quality of gameplay is concerned, WoW takes the cake in most ways. But there’s a huge difference between where I want to play and where I want to LIVE. So I’ll be over here with my lower definition friends having a BANK SALE 2K+ NO NOOBS PLZ and laugh emoting until my purple beard falls off.

Runescape, single-handed destroyer of my grasp of the English language.

Runescape, single-handed destroyer of my grasp of the English language.



Winner: Runescape