Watch Dogs To “Harness The Full Power Of The PS4”

Details surrounding Watch Dogs’ development for the PlayStation 4 have been vague, but a recent tweet by the PlayStation Blog (@PlayStation) aims to solve this with a video explaining how the Watch Dogs development team is working closely with PlayStation in an effort to “harness the full power of the PS4.” In the past, games that release alongside the debut of a new console generation have generally been less-than-average. The people behind Watch Dogs as well as the people at PlayStation hope to change this by implementing “high-resolution environment textures and advanced special effects.”

The video is the beginning of the “Conversations With Creators” series that PlayStation is using to detail the development of various games for the upcoming PlayStation 4. It is most likely safe to assume that this series will continue, possibly with looks at other games shown at the Sony event, such as Infamous: Second Son and Deep Down. This series is definitely an interesting idea, as it is not everyday where we get to see the development of next generation games.

The video begins with the senior producer of the game explaining the perks of developing the game with a powerful system such as the PS4. He explains that the game world in Watch Dogs will be huge, and that standing on a street corner in the game should feel the same as standing on a street corner in a big city in real life. The PS4 hardware is much more powerful than the current generation, and it allows Ubisoft Montreal to incorporate various additional effects and features to the game that they will not be able to do with the PS3 and Xbox 360.

A release date for Watch Dogs was recently revealed to be November 19 for all current-gen systems, including the Wii U. It is still unclear when the game will be releasing for next generation hardware. Odds are that whenever we see an official release date for the PS4 and next Xbox, we will see a release date for this game, among many others.

Personally, I cannot wait to play this game. Its debut at E3 last year blew me away with the unique premise and the gameplay looks promising as well. However, I think I will wait it out and pick it up whenever it releases for the next generation, to see its maximum potential.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]