The Lastest News Surrounding Final Fantasy X/X-2 for PS3

                 At the Tokyo Game Show way back in 2011, it was announced that Square Enix was working on a re-mastered HD version of the PlayStation 2 classic Final Fantasy X for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.  This news excited many Final Fantasy fans, including myself, who fondly reminisced of their adventures with Titus and crew through the world of Spira as they fought to save the land from the monstrous creature known only as “Sin.”

                 Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before new information surrounding the re-mastering of this groundbreaking JRPG died out. Last year around this time, there were rumors going around the gaming world that it would be released September of 2012, a predication that was obviously false.  However, in the past couple of months, there has been promising news for Final Fantasy fans.  Most importantly, according to Square Enix, they will not only re-master Final Fantasy X, but also Final Fantasy X-2, the sequel to X.  The two will be available for Play Station 3 on one disc just like the Silent Hill and Zone of the Enders HD re-masters.  Both games will be able available for Vita users, but they will have to purchase each separately.

                 Although no exact release date has been announced, Square-Enix has reported that both games are 70 percent complete and will be released in Japan, Europe, and North America later this year.  Keep in mind that Final Fantasy X/X-2 are not being remade, they are being ported to the PS3 and re-mastered.  Square-Enix however is clearly aiming to please fans with this re-mastering.  The in game movies will be rendered to HD, the already fabulous soundtrack will be of a higher sound quality, and the games colorful cast of characters will be touched up to look much sleeker.  Square-Enix has released both a trailer for the release and also some screenshots comparing the character models from the Play Station 2 versions with their counterparts in the re-mastered version.  For Final Fantasy fans, this is all hopeful news, but the main question is when will we see an exact release date.  There surely is new movement on the horizon of this release, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates and enjoy the trailer below! (Information courtesy of International Digital Times http://www.idigitaltimes.com/articles/16172/20130325/final-fantasy-10-hd-release-date-trailer.htm)

Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Official Trailer