Nintendo Censors Fire Emblem Awakening DLC

Do you see the above image of Tharja from the new Fire Emblem Awakening DLC? If you’re in North America and happen to purchase the fan-service Scramble DLC  ($2.50 for Summer Scramble or $6.50 for the pack of Scramble maps), you won’t. Instead, you’ll find this version:



Yes, Nintendo has decided to censor Tharja’s bikini clad bottom with a strategic curtain. While I believe that no work should be censored while we still have that Bill of Rights in effect and I also believe that blatant fan service is a disservice since it potentially leads franchises to take the “sex sells” route, this decision to censor Tharja is a bit confusing. The original image was about as risque as a day at the beach. The curtain in the altered image now makes it look like Tharja isn’t wearing anything except her top.

Maybe this was a Nintendo marketing decision to censor this image so they can promote their willingness to censor their art in order to appeal to the demographic that finds any T&A utterly offensive while censoring the image in a way that appeals to those with oversexed imaginations. It’s win-win!

Oddly enough, the support conversation about Tharja’s “boingy bits” included with the DLC is still intact as is a rather cheesecake image of Cordelia trying to keep her bikini top on. One would think these more noticeable displays of T&A (or just T) would have been censored to protect the eyes and ears of the innocent children who haven’t discovered FHM yet.