New GTA V Trailers: Improved Fistfighting? Protagonist Infighting? Next-Gen Console Release?

All three of Rockstar’s new GTA V trailers look absolutely classic.

The game’s slated for a September 17th release, and the date can’t come fast enough. There’s a deluge of information contained in these latest trailers- let’s break them down into the three characters we’re looking at, and glean whatever possible inferences about the game- gameplay itself or the platforms that we can.

gta v trailer michael franklin trevor



“I’m rich, I’m miserable,” Michael says. “You’re plainly addicted to chaos,” his shrink says.

Michael clearly represents the “everyman” which, undoubtedly, much of GTAV’s playerbase will consist of. He is middle-aged. He is experienced, though world weary and unbelievably frustrated. He has a rapidly-maturing family. And very importantly- he’s had a 9 to 5 job which has left him depressed and needing to vent frustration.

We see him breaking a plasma screen TV, hacking into grassy turf with a golf club on the range, elbowing guys in the face at a bar. If ever a GTA character represented an avatar through which a player could relieve real-world stress, Michael looks like he will thematically and literally provide an outlet for this. I imagine he will be a favourite of many players, who  will probably lead similar day to day lives, albeit without the punching or breaking whenever the urge arises.

One of the only graphical hitches present in any of GTAV’s trailers is in Micheal’s, when we see presumably his daughter- or is that wife?- after he catches her sleeping with someone. The daughter runs out yelling “don’t kill him,” regarding the lover. Her face is positively wonky. Eyes sticking out. Kinda wide and pasty. It’s weird.

But we also see the most exciting and promising gameplay in this trailer- high-spec guns and gadgetry, a helicopter dogfight, a car chase following a plane in take off, a balcony-assassination, and the skyscraper-top rappel assault which was in previews at the end of 2012. And Queen’s Radio Gaga crescendos in the background.


gta v trailer franklin


Then there’s the realist Franklin. His trailer shows day to day life in the ghetto. A lot of poverty.

Gangland crime is the only way to make it, as far as Franklin’s friends are concerned.  It’s stuff straight out of GTA: San Andreas, down to the green cloths wrapped around gangsters faces, the mid-street gunfights, and the “wrong side of the tracks” vibe Los Santos gives out.

Franklin appears to be a torn hero, the most calm average-guy of the trio who is trying to take a realistic, survival- oriented view of “gang-banging”. In the trailer we don’t see too much action, not as much as short-fuse Michael’s, anyway. Largely, we see Franklin in discussion with his two friends who are trying to make him take the typical gang-banger approach of making lots of money with drugs and dying young from unnatural causes.

The action we do see is a lot of tight-looking car chases. It looks almost like a Need for Speed game.

As much as I love GTAIV for it’s unabashededly committed approach to hardcore realism in the simulation, featuring the heaviest and slowest cars ever seen in an open world game. I must say that even from the trailers, GTAV looks like it’ll be a blast to spin around in with automobiles.

gta 5 trailer trevor


Trevor, complete with disgusting sweaty armpit patches first time we see him, is obviously going to provide the psycho effect for the narrative the player experiences. The only trouble is his motive.

Michael and Franklin are given clear motives: Franklin wants to improve things for, and protect, his family; Franklin wants to get out of the ghetto with as little danger to himself and his friends as possible. Trevor? Trevor wants to punch guys. And shoot guys. And crash cars into trains. And “get his d*ck out”. “Again”.

All we know is that Trevor likes chaos. He obviously likes punching things. In the video we see him punching gang bangers, drivers, and strangling old men. I would put money on us seeing Trevor punch the other protagonists at some point in the game.

So What Can We Infer?

First off, fistfighting must be much improved if they’re showing it off this much. Everyone knows that after the depth of San Andreas fistfighting, Rockstar absolutely bastardised the system in GTAIV, and it only got worse in Red Dead Redemption- so it wouldn’t be surprising if they made an effort to fix the mechanic in V.

So we have Michael, the tiny-tempered experienced hard-guy; Franklin the inexperienced deep-thinking tactician; and Trevor the chaos element. Two inferences; being that the protagonists are at such odds with each other, will we see much infighting? Will GTAV’s endgame be a “choose which one you will control” in a situation where they’re at each others throats? Will protagonists, for the first time ever, die? To be honest, the breadth of narrative possibilities is pretty massive with this innovation of three new characters.

One thing which sprang to my mind while watching Trevor’s trailer was that the framerate was high, it looked like 60FPS. 60FPS which GTAIV could never achieve. The graphics look nice as heck, too; the lighting is unbelievably excellent, and the amount of action onscreen is incredible.

Honestly, I don’t think an Xbox 360 or a PS3 could run this. The PC obviously could. But more importantly- next-gen consoles could.

I think Rockstar are going to release these games on the next-gen consoles also. Just putting it out  there. Perhaps not, as they haven’t confirmed it for PS4 which has a release date, but at some point in the forseeable future it would add up for them to do so- especially with factors like the expanded disc space. GTAV on Xbox 360 is over three discs, and it would be too good an opportunity to pass up to make this work on the next-gen.

The three trailers are arguably Rockstar’s best trailers yet. They show off suggestions of scope and character, and may have implications for gameplay mechanics, or what platforms we’ll see the game on. Now, let’s find out what the new previews for the game, scheduled to release this afternoon, have to say.