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Rumor: New Sonic Game For All Current and Next Gen Consoles

We all know that Sonic the Hedgehog is an iconic gaming mascot. You could pick him out of a crowd of characters with no trouble whatsoever. The fact that his profile is up there with Mario and various other mascots is a testament to his legacy. Recently though, the games he has been featured in have not been up to a similar standard as the old games we all love and remember fondly. Sega want to remedy this though as they have wanted “to make a Sonic Generations title that played more similarly to the Genesis titles.”
This news comes straight from Segabits, where a source called ‘Wintos The Traveling Salesman’ (Cool I know!) has leaked information about a new Sonic game. This source, who doesn’t use his real name, has supposedly leaked every Sonic game since Sonic Unleased which is a good track record. Wintos says that the game is going to be released for “PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC, 3DS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Infinite.” This is interesting seeing as he specifically references Xbox Infinite, which could give him a back up if Microsoft’s next console does indeed become officially known by that name. Along with this information, they said that the game is currently called “Sonic Excursion” and will feature four characters who all handle similarly to Sonic with subtle differences that allow the player to reach different areas, similar to the old style of games.

Characters that are said to be present are Sonic (obviously), Tails, Amy, Knuckles while Dr. Eggman also features. The level shown was called “Shattered Heights” which is a New York-esque area, according to Wintos. Sega chose to show this level off because of its lighting, which it seems like they were fairly proud of it. Wintos said “Shattered Heights, for example, started at dawn and by the level’s end the entire stage’s lighting had changed to more reflect the mid afternoon. Most of the level consists of Sonic and Tails actually breaking through the windows of buildings several stories high and running through apartment hallways, office buildings, and hotel suites with Pixar-like humans gasping and shouting in surprise.”

The leak says that the game will be released in November 2013. However, we want to stress that this is a rumor so proceed with caution.

Are you excited for a potential next generation Sonic game?

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