Naughty Dog Reveals The Last of Us Ellie and Joel Special Editions

Two new trailers released today for The Last of Us’ special collector’s editions. Each special edition features one of the two main protagonists, Ellie and Joel. The Last of Us was announced back in December of 2011 at Spike TV’s Video Game Awards.

Last of Us wllpaper

The Last of Us tells the story of Joel, a survivor of the cordyceps virus pandemic that swept over the planet. Gamers play as Joel as he travels through a post-pandemic United States while transporting a precious cargo in the form of a little girl named Ellie. Joel is being voiced by Troy Baker, most recently known for voicing Bioshock: Infinite’s main character, Booker DeWitt. Ellie is being voiced by Ashley Johnson, a beautiful actress who started her career as the young Chrissy Seaver on the ’80s TV show Growing Pains. She also had a small role as the blonde waitress in Marvel’s The Avengers.

The trailer for The Last of Us Ellie edition showcases an Ellie-themed Dualshock 3 controller skin, a screen print effect poster featuring – you guessed it – Ellie, and a LittleBigPlanet Ellie sackgirl costume.

The Joel trailer displays a Joel-themed Dualshock 3 controller skin, a screen print effect poster featuring Joel, and of course, a LittleBigPlanet Joel sackboy costume.

Both editions also come with a mini Art Book, The Last of Us XMB wallpaper, a copy of The Last of Us comic, and DLC in the forms of two distinct packs located inside a canvas wrap. The Survival DLC pack includes multiplayer bonuses such as:
– Bonus XP
– Melee booster
– In-game currency
– Customisable character items

While the sights and sounds DLC contains:
– The Official game soundtrack by Academy Award-winning musician Gustavo Santaolalla
– PS3 Dynamic Theme
– PSN avatars: Winter Joel & Ellie

Both versions are available now at local retailers. Unfortunately, these are exclusive to PAL regions. Sorry my fellow Americans, looks like we’re not getting these bad boys; news that makes me die a little inside. So if you live in any of the PAL regions and will be picking one of these up, let us know in the comments below. Look to be set back by £59.99, €79.99, or AU$114.95 respectively when The Last of Us hits shelves on May 7th overseas, and June 14th in North America.