League of Leviathyn: Episode 3 – Blade of Dismay

On this week’s episode of League of Leviathyn, Joey manages to grab some new blood to fill the gaps in the team, Andrew resonates well with Fiora and Viktor is brought out of semi-retirement! This episode turned out much longer than its predecessors and once you sit down to watch it, you’ll understand why.

While Blade of Dismay marks our third outing, it’s important to remember that League of Leviathyn isn’t meant to showcase expert play, guides to certain champions or perfect combinations out on the field. Since you can get anything I’ve described in all corners of the internet, we decided that breaking down our own play, inviting others in on the action and broadcasting our sessions for all to see was a more personable experience. This allows our viewers to get to know us a little more and we hope you’re enjoying it. If you have any suggestions, comments and/or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

If you enjoy our uncut footage, but would like something a little more concise and short, make sure to check out our post-game analysis after every episode.

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