Fans Invited to Be Part of Hotline Miami Trailer

Fans who played Dennaton Games’ and Devolver Digital’s Hotline Miami now have a chance to be part of the launch trailer of Hotline Miami on Playstation. And they don’t even have to maim anyone or take orders from an answering machine.

Hotline Miami publisher Devolver Digital announced on tumblr how people can be part of this upcoming trailer in five easy steps.

Step 1: Fine a menacing looking hallway.
Step 2: Find a mask and weapon from Hotline Miami.
Step 3: Walk down the hallway menacingly. Take a swing at the camera.
Step 4: Upload your best clip to Youtube.
Step 5: Tweet/email your clip to @hotlinemiami or [email protected]

The aforementioned tumblr has an ideal example of what they want.

As someone familiar with swinging blunt objects at people and cameramen, I’d love to take part in this. But the hard part is finding an animal mask. I supposed I could just borrow a friend’s Horse Head Mask and emulate Don Juan.

Anyone wishing to participate has until May 15th to upload their video. So get to it.

If you want to go beyond what is wanted for the trailer, you can always go the Mega64 route: