One Piece Episode 593: A Skirmish and a Proposal

In Episode 593 of One Piece titled “Save Nami! Luffy’s Fight on the Snow-Capped Mountains!”, Luffy and Franky (in Chopper’s “monster point” body) go head to head against the Yeti Cool Brothers Scotch and Rock, and in the aftermath, Law makes a stunning proposal.

Finally, an episode that didn’t feel stretched out beyond infinity that even has some good (if short) action and a very pleasing cliffhanger. Luffy chases after the kidnapped Nami and Franky insists to join him. Chopper gives him one of his monster point rumble balls, which he takes right away. He then proceeds to chase Luffy as Luffy tracks down the Yeti Brothers. The duo fall into a trap that Luffy easily does away with using a Haki hardened Gomu Gomu no Gatling. A fight ensues. The Brothers use their knowledge of the mountains as their natural habitat to gain the upper hand, but Luffy pulls out a new technique based on his Gomu Gomu no Fusen (which Rayleigh helped him develop), where he repels projectiles and targets their point of origin, dealing double the damage to whoever shot him. Just before berserk Franky-Chopper can do more harm than good, he suddenly takes out one of the Yeti Brothers, much to Nami’s surprise. He then proceeds to attack Luffy again, and Luffy knocks him out with a Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun to the face. The remaining Yeti escape but is defeated easily by Trafalgar Law, who speaks to Luffy, offering an alliance of their two crews to bring down one of the Four Kings of the New World.

The short skirmish was well executed in this instance, and we get to see more of Luffy’s Haki hardening prowess and even an improved technique based on one of his oldest moves. It’s pleasing to see that even the lower ranking enemies in the New World can put up a fight, but against a berserk Franky-Chopper and Luffy himself, even the “Legendary” Yeti Cool Brothers were easily dispatched. Law made a timely appearance and a very intriguing offer – one that can threaten the balance of power in the New World. This is what makes Law’s character such an alluring mystery. We don’t know much about his intentions but we know his goals are grand. He chose one of the most powerful pirates he knows as an ally, while he himself is already quite the powerhouse. Meanwhile, Caesar Clown hatches yet another scheme which seems to involve another secret of the island of Punk Hazard. If there’s one thing we know about Caesar, it’s his obsession with merciless experiments. It appears he plans to make this entire event with the G-5 marines and the Strawhats into a grand experiment to show something off to some people. There are still too many unknown variables in this arc, but so far, with what little we know, it’s shaping up to be one of the best arcs of the series in all its 600 episodes.

How far into the underlying workings of the New World is Caesar’s operation involved? What sort of chaotic mess did Luffy start this time? In a few more episodes, we’ll probably grasp the enormity of the real situation. [by ]