New Screenshots Released for Memoria

Memoria (1)Daedalic Entertainment has revealed three new screenshots for their current title Memoria. The hand-drawn backdrops show off more of the fantasy world the German developer is creating.

Memoria tells the story of Sadja, the warrior princess of Fasar. In her quest to become the greatest hero of all time, she ventured to the Gorian Desert to war against the invading demons there. She never returned, and she and her story were forgotten.

Five centuries later, a man named Geron meets a traveling merchant that promises to return his girlfriend Nuri, who has been transformed into a raven due to a curse, back into a human. Before the merchant does this, however, Geron must solve the mystery of Sadja.

Memoria (2)Geron agrees to this task, unaware that his actions will trigger a chain of events that will cast a shadow on his homeland and turn the present into a dark mirror of its long forgotten past. In Memoria, players must solve two mysteries by taking on two separate roles.

Memoria addresses an important theme in its gameplay that is applicable to real life: The consequences of actions in the past can still guide how the world operates today.

This adventure game is expected to release in the fall of this year for PC for a to-be-determined price.

Memoria (3)Daedalic Entertainment is a Hamburg-based studio that develops and publishes its own games such as Chaos on Deponia, Harvey’s New Eyes, Chains of Satinav, and Edna & Harvey: The Breakout. Chaos on Deponia in particular was recently recognized as the German Game of the Year at the Computerspielpreis awards.

The studio has won 17 German Developer Awards (including Studio of the Year in 2009), German Computer Game Awards and a European Games Award.

As a publisher, Daedalic Entertainment has brought Torchlight II, Botanicula, and Tales of Monkey Island to the German market.