Guns of Icarus Online Receives Huge Free Update

Guns of Icarus Online has received yet another huge free update today that adds loads of content to the post-apocalyptic airship combat game.

The update adds a new King of the Hill map, new tutorials, new achievements, and more costumes for players to wear.

The new map, The Labyrinth, is a two vs. two map set in the long-forgotten ruins of a crumbling metropolis. The added in-game tutorials for each class include extended text, an addition new fans are sure to enjoy. Also available is the option to create stationary and moving objects for target practice.

016The update also includes new achievements and commendations for players to earn. Much like League of Legends, players can rate each other at the end of each match to further promote new player learning. Earned commendations can trigger the unlocking of new achievements as well. Additionally, the level cap has been raised to 11.

New players will be able to compete in a beginners-only tier of play. Only level one players and community staff approved to teach new players will be able to access this tier.

In addition to new hats, the update also includes new particle effects for weapons, a new flare gun model, and new gun handles.

Bullet USBGuns of Icarus Online is an airship combat title where up to four players can man a single ship in an attempt to destroy other players in a variety of game modes. Adventure Mode in particular expands upon this format, creating a living world with dynamic player and town progression.

With 20 days remaining for its Kickstarter campaign, Guns of Icarus Online has already passed its $100,000 funding goal. Kickstarter backers will receive the popular Bullet USB drive, now in aluminum as well as brass.

Developer Muse Games is an independent game development studio based in New York City. They specialize in creating 3D games utilizing the Unity engine.