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Are You A True Gamer? 30 Signs That You Are

Are you a True Gamer? It seems like an odd question, but with the flood of casual games for both Facebook and iPhone not to mention the Wii’s popularity among the non gaming crowd it is actually a very appropriate question.  Now, anyone who so much as plays a video game could call themselves a “Gamer” but we know they are nothing but posers. Soccer moms flinging cutesy birds around their iPad doesn’t take the same skill as slaying a dragon in Skyrim. Are you a True Gamer? I am, and I’m damn proud of it. For those of you still unsure if you are or not, I’ve compiled a list of 30 signs that will let you know whether you or someone you know is a True Gamer. In the past I have done a similar list of 25 things, but here on Leviathyn you get an extra 5! Now don’t fret if all of these don’t apply to you, after all I have been pwning noobs since the Colecovision. Maybe you have heard of me, I’m Tony the Gamer Dad and this is my list of 30 signs that you are a True Gamer, just like me!

30 Ways to Tell if You Are a True Gamer

#30: Your fondest memory of school was playing Number Munchers.

#29: When the game freezes you instinctively want to take it out and blow on it.

#28: You beat the second quest on the original Legend of Zelda.

#27: You refused to stop playing Superman 64 because you paid for it, and damn it, you’re going to beat it!

Looks good.  Roll it out.

#26: You remember when Atari made consoles.

#25: You knew the Mario Bros. long before they were Super.

#24: Your Gameboy ran through more batteries than a lonely spinster.

#23: Your not ashamed to admit you owned a Virtual Boy and a Sega CD.

#22: You can’t resist the urge to Tea Bag an opponent in Call of Duty.

#21: Finding out Samus was a woman came as a huge shock!


#20: You loved Angry Birds back when it was called Crush the Castle.

#19: When you see a tornado, you wonder “Who blew the warp whistle?”

#18: You read Dracula in hopes of learning more about the Belmont Clan.

#17: You can pronounce Pwn.

#16: You’ve learned all of your WWII history from the Medal of Honor series..

#15: Just like everyone else, you run faster with a knife.

#14: You used to play Quake online with a dial up connection.

#13: Your mother had to call you for dinner several times because there wasn’t a nearby save point.

#12: You take time off of work to wait in line for the new Halo game.

#11: You’ve gotten into fights after being called a noob


#10: The last party you attended had more computers than people.

#9:You yell out “Boom! Headshot!!” when pwning noobs.

#8: The most expensive thing you own is your computer.

#7: You love video games but can’t stand WOW players.

#6: You look up to people like Fatal1ty and Billy Mitchell.

#5: You have a tattoo based on a video game

.Halo 2 Tattoo

#4: You know the Konami Code by heart even if you can’t remember your mother’s birthday.

#3: You defeated the Great Puma in Pro Wrestling because “A winner is You!”.

#2: You still hope Sonic games can be fun again.

#1: You don’t care if people call Smash Bros. a button masher because you have mad skills in that game.


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  1. BlakeA

    Looking up to Billy Mitchell either makes you a true gamer, or some sort of spider-alien who is still learning human customs.  Definitely one of those two.  🙂

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