Amazing Replica of the Frankenturret From Portal 2 Twitches Like the Real Thing

If you’ve played Portal 2 (and if you haven’t, why on Earth not!?), you’ll remember the adorable abominations that are the Frankenturrets. They’re a creation of Wheatley Laboratories but because Wheatley is a bit useless, they never really worked as they could barely walk and just fell over a lot.

Deviantart user Corroder666 has replicated the Frankenturret in painstakingly good detail. Not only does it look just like the real thing, with all the little details on it, it also moves like the real thing, sort of. Its legs do twitch but unfortunately it cannot walk as it just falls onto its back. See Wheatley, your design really was flawed from the start.

Its eyes do light up though, and the leg twitching when it’s lying on its back does look very realistic. Even without the movements, it’s the kind of replica that every die-hard Portal fan would want. There is a step by step guide for creating one of your own, but sadly it’s in German, so be prepared to do some translating. However there are a few photos to give you a basic idea of how the Frankenturret was constructed.

It seems that Corroder666 is quite the replica builder, he’s also created an ammunition box from Fallout 3, a Screaming Mantis cosplay (MGS4) and a Pip-boy 3000 – impressive stuff.

You can see more of Corroder666’s work on his Deviantart page.

Thanks, Kotaku.