Aliens: Colonial Marines Could Soon Be Legally, As Well As Actually, Awful

Could things could much worse for Aliens: Colonial Marines?  After great initial showings, expectations were high for the Gearbox developed game, but buyers who picked up the game soon discovered a very different reality from the one they expected.  Colonial Marines was blasted by critics upon release, leading many to ask the question of what was up with the awesome early demos?  Well, that question was finally asked by the master of questions.  No, I’m not talking about the Riddler, I’m talking about a lawyer.

According to a report from Polygon, The suit was filed yesterday in California court by law firm Edelson LLC, on behalf of plaintiff Damion Perrine.  The suit contains a lot of legal jargon I don’t fully understand, but the gist of it claims that Gearbox and Sega falsely advertised Aliens by showing demos that didn’t end up being “accurate representations of the final product.”

From my view, its hard to argue with them.  We knew of reports that Gearbox may have outsourced more of the game than they let on, but what we got was clearly nothing close to the awesome E3 demo that blew everybody away.  Even worse are the allegations that Gearbox allocated funds designated for Aliens: Colonial Marines towards other games.   I’m no lawyer, but you have to imagine that Edelson thinks there is a case here, and it brings up an interesting point about game makers.  Check out this quote:

“The gaming community had a strong reaction to the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines,” Edelson LLC’s Ben Thomassen told Polygon. “We think the video game industry is no different than any other that deals with consumers: if companies like Sega and Gearbox promise their customers one thing but deliver something else, then they should be held accountable for that decision.”

Game makers usually take every opportunity to claim that games are just like any other form of media, like television or movies.  This suit is basically using  that sentiment against them, and saying if that is true, they should be held to the same legal and ethical standards as the rest of us.  I don’t know if they actually have a case or not, but we’ll be sure to keep you informed as the story develops.