Rumor: Respawn’s New Game An Xbox 720 Exclusive

Much has been thrown about in terms of rumors these past few weeks regarding the next console from Microsoft. The console has had many rumors from the bad to the good, some even debating just the console’s name. Today, a rumor has said that the next console will be getting a major boost from an exciting new developer that everyone is waiting to hear from: Respawn Entertainment.

The rumor comes from Kotaku who say that Respawn Entertainment, formed by the former creators of Infinity Ward and many of its employees, will make their first game will be released for Xbox consoles ONLY. Yes, Xbox consoles. Kotaku reports that the two sources that have given them this exciting information have also reported that the game will be available for the Xbox 360, Microsoft’s current home console, as well.

In addition, the sources detailed a bit about the game. They called it a “futuristic multiplayer-centric online shooter” with giant exo-skeletons, called Titans, available to be piloted by “heavily-armed footsoldiers.” This reveals the trademark that was recently filed for “Titan” by Respawn. To keep balance within the game, these exo-suits can only be used by a certain number of people. Foot soldiers can destroy the mechs with the right weapons chosen. The game may be based on an updated Source engine and may be always online as rumors have suggested the next Xbox will be.

There is no indication from the sources that the game will not come to the other games hardware, Sony’s PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC and Wii U, so a timed exclusive is still not off the cards.

There has been no word from Respawn Enerainment about the nature of their game since this blurry image, what do you think will happen?


The article also says that Microsoft are “aggressively” attempting to sign massive games for their new console. This being due to a lack of first party studios in comparison to the other two big hitters, Sony and Nintendo.

Seeing as this is not confirmed by Respawn themselves or EA, take this as a complete rumor for now. Would this change the battlefield for next generation in Microsoft’s favor somewhat or will Sony have something similarly giant in their locker? Keep with Leviathyn to find out.