New Watch Dogs Trailer Offers Release Date

A new trailer for the upcoming Ubisoft game Watch Dogs has been released online over the game’s official Twitter. The trailer features several short clips of gameplay, as well as a few story moments. It shows the protagonist, Aiden Pierce, in front of a tombstone, lamenting that someone went “too far.” It ends with Pierce stating that he has “never had so much control,” referring to the main gameplay hook that seems to give the player the ability to interact with almost anything in game that would be connected to the Internet, and control it to interfere with any enemies, among other things. The trailer also showcases other things, including the ability to use vehicles (or at least motorcycles, as Aiden is seen using).

Watch Dogs made waves at E3 2012 for its seemingly unique gameplay mechanics, and its refreshing spin on the sandbox genre, looking almost like a modern day Assassin’s Creed.  Perhaps the most interesting thing about this new trailer, however, is that it ends with a release date: November 19, 2013. This is important to note in more than one way. For one thing, it tells us when we will be able to finally play this unique game, which is supposed to release for all current gen consoles as well as next gen, including the PS4 and the Wii U. That is the second key piece of information we can gather from this trailer – Watch Dogs was revealed to be a lunch game for the PS4 back at its reveal. The trailer does not distinguish exactly which consoles it is releasing for in November, but it does list the logo for the PS4 right underneath it. Does this mean that the PS4 will launch on or near November 17th?

Originally, all we had in regard to a PS4 release date was “Holiday 2013.” I would assume that mid-November is close enough to the holidays to warrant the release of the PS4 alongside one of its most anticipate launch titles. The trailer is below so you can see for yourself. If I missed anything you believe is a key argument point, feel free to let me know in the comments below.