Will Call of Duty’s New Engine Be Enough To Bring Back Players?

With the recent discovery that the newest Call of Duty title Ghosts will have a new engine, one can’t help but wonder if it will be enough to pull players back to the game.  Fans of shooters had adopted Call of Duty as their own when Modern Warfare came out, but as the years wore on, the rehash of the same engine began to grow tiring.  This was especially true when the multiplayer community would shift to the next game, causing fans of the online play to have to shell out $60 every year or two.

As a personal point, once Black Ops came out, I was hooked.  I played it more than some, but not nearly as obsessively as many of the biggest fans do.  My issue was that when Modern Warfare 3 released, a sizable chunk of the community shifted to a game that was more or less Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 with improved graphics.  While it may have been enough to get them to continue, I needed something different.  Something more polished.

call of duty

The maps, while I realize war is all about destruction, are getting stale.

That why I, and many other Call of Duty fans, moved to Battlefield once it’s third iteration was released.

Don’t get me wrong, millions of fans still supported, and support to this day, the Call of Duty franchise.  But the same old thing year in and year out was starting to grate on the nerves of a poor college student.  The cycle of DLC that essentially just added more of the same types of maps we’d seen for years got to the point where I needed more depth.

Battlefield 3 was perfect for me as a solo player, since the lack of splitscreen meant I could hog the whole screen and enjoy the excellent graphics.  The vehicular combat was reminiscent of BF1942.  But I digress, and I’ve talked at length about this switch before.

call of duty

If vehicles were added to Call of Duty, it would be a major selling point for me.

My point is, will a new engine for this game be enough to attract players back?  Are they going to add any new features besides a different leveling system?  Vehicles perhaps?  More interesting and thoughtful maps?  The same old cliche bombed out city, desert warzone, jungle hideaways are getting old.  Hopefully the creativity that I know some of these designers and developers possess will shine in the next title.

Others might like more of the same from their shooters.  I prefer progress.

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