What Project Should Joss Whedon Do Next?

There have been plenty of questions in regards to what Joss Whedon will do after finishing The Avengers 2. Most of which have revolved around a Dr. Horrible sequel and the possible return of Firefly. Whichever Joss Whedon chooses to do next, I’m sure it won’t be anything less than great. With that said, it might be good to weigh out the options.




Firefly Season 2

A second season of Firefly has been burning in the hearts of Whedon fans since its cancellation back in 2003.  We were given a taste of what season 2 would’ve been with 2005’s Serenity, as Joss Whedon stated that the events that took place in Serenity would’ve unfolded in Firefly‘s second season. There have also been several comics under the name of Serenity; most of which are prequels and connectors. While this is enough to appease some fans, most yearn for something bigger.

For Firefly to be able to be continued, it’ll take a bit of finesse. Half the cast has other things going on that they are dedicated to. Castle, Suits and Homeland might come to end in a couple of years when Avengers 2 is done, but there’s no saying for sure. Hopefully, all the pieces will align and they can get something in the works. Sadly, we’ve lost Wash and Book, but maybe we can get some flashback action. Chances are looking pretty slim of ever seeing a second season, but I have faith if Joss wants it done, he will see it through. If it’s one thing Browncoats have, it’s perseverance. Maybe they could follow in Arrested Development’s footsteps and stream season 2 on Netflix.




Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog 2

The 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America Strike was a bad time for movies and radio, devastating time for television, but a great time for internet video. When this writers’ strike was going on, what was Joss Whedon doing? Writing. And the product came to astound millions (probably). Released in three acts, from July 15-20, 2008, was Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. There have been announcements of a sequel since 2009, but things have been heavy for Joss, lately. He recently stated that he might not be able to produce it until after The Avengers 2.

It would be a shame to have to wait until 2015 for the return of the lovably-lovable mad-scientist. But, I wouldn’t want them to force it out. The first only took a couple of weeks to shoot. but maybe (hopefully) they have some bigger plans for its follow-up. Joss has said that they’ve been writing it for the past few years. Maybe each act will be longer, giving us a 90-120 minute movie. Maybe Joss is thinking 18th century style and wants to make it into five acts. I’m okay with either option.




The Avengers 3

Antman is said to kick off Phase 3 in 2015, but will Joss Whedon stay on the project? I imagine how Avengers 2 turns out will greatly affect this desicion. If Joss is able to produce similar results gained with the first, I doubt Marvel will be against him staying on board. Joss has stated that he decided to do Avengers 2 because he had a story to tell. I’m sure he’s already running possibilities for a third installment.

I’m not sure how I would feel about this. Joss scarcely does wrong, so anything he would do for The Avengers should be at top quality. The downside would be him jumping on would cause another delay in his self-made projects. He might be able to squeeze another Dr. Horrible in between Phase 2 and Phase 3, but Firefly would once again be backburnered until possibly 2018!




Freelance Work

This is highly unlikely, but I would find it nice if Joss Whedon could take what little time he has away from his major projects to write for some of my favorite shows. One of Supernatural’s main writers, Ben Edlund, worked with Joss before. Ben wrote Firefly‘s magnificent “Jaynestown” and even co-wrote an episode of Angel with Joss entitled “Smile Time.” Their creation was fantastic, and it would be great to see them write together again. Who knows what kind of nutty concoction they could bring forth.