Valve Will Not Be Exhibiting at E3 2013

For quite some time, many people have been clamoring for news of Half Life 3. Maybe not even a reveal, just some sort of news, tease or otherwise to let them know it is coming. If this information is to come, it will definitely not be at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo (or as it is better known, E3 2013) as Valve have confirmed themselves that they will not be attending.

The news comes from a NeoGAF forum poster who has posted a screenshot of an email reply from Valve’s Director of Marketing, Doug Lombardi. In the post, the user says that the original email was sent to Lombardi by valvetime.net, a community forum that has tried to gather every piece of information about Valve games that they can. They asked him whether Valve would be attending this year’s E3 in order to finally present the long awaited sequel to the much beloved Half Life series. The response was, as the forum user put it, “blunt” to say the least. “Hey, Valve is not exhibiting at e3 this year. Thanks for checking with us.”



This is disappointing for both fans of Valve and people who are not, purely for the reason that it would finally have stopped the Valve fans’ whining about a lack of Half Life 3. There is no doubt that people from Valve will be present at E3 to peruse the various games that will be shown.

This also follows on from this weeks’ announcement that Nintendo will not be conducting a press conference at E3 2013, where they instead want to focus on showcasing their games. The Nintendo Direct service will be the place to view all of the announcements for future Nintendo games before and during E3 this year.

Does this news disappoint you? Will we ever see the release of the Half Life 3 game in our life time? Comment below.