Drop: A New Flash Game From The Mind Behind MineCraft

Markus “Notch” Persson the founder of Mojang and the creative mind behind the extremely successful Minecraft has unveiled a new flash game, Drop. Available free online the game was built in Unity engine and up until expected to be built using Ludum Dare. It isn’t yet clear what caused Notch to change from developing with Ludum Dare to Unity, but as it is the game is fully up an running. Notch attributes inspiration for Drop to Super Hexagon, the ceiling of his apartment and the ending of Fez.

The game tasks you with typing out letters as they spiral across the screen at an increasing speed, all to a hypnotic beat reminiscent Super Hexagon. To be successful you need quick eyes and quicker hands. Good Luck!


Source: [Notch] Via: [Joystiq] Image Courtesy: [Vice]