New Batman: Arkham Origins Information

Thanks to some magazine reveals and some eagle eyed forum posters, we have new information for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins game from new developer Warner Brothers Montreal. Thankfully, most of the information is promising for the prequel.

In a GameInformer interview, DC Comics’ Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has talked about the game saying, ““It’s called Arkham Origins and it really is the introduction of what Arkham means. Arkham evokes a sense of insanity and chaos embodied in the twisted minds and colorful villains of the Batman universe. That had to start somewhere. This is really more about Batman’s initiation into that insane world, where my book’s more about Batman as a vigilante and really deciding which path to go down.”

The other magazine in question is GamesMaster UK, who had exclusive access to the game in the most recently released issue. On the forums, users have been posting extracts from the reveal to let us know about the game. There is information ranging from cuts made to the game plus additional features.

Senior Producer of Warner Brothers Games Ben Mattes introduces the information in the magazine. Firstly, there was talk of the inclusion of a dynamic weather system, caused by a snowstorm in Gotham. It was designed to affect combat in the game but it “sucks” so they took out the feature’s effect on freeflow combat. They also cut a drone-type enemy that follows Batman while in Predator mode, but didn’t want the player to be on the defensive while in this mode.

Apparently, each boss battle is unique, presumably responding to the nature of previous games where the boss levels seemed to be shallow and of a lesser quality than the rest of the game. Origins’ Montreal based developer seem o think that their version of Deathstroke, one of Batman’s primary enemies in the game, is the best, “We really believe that we’ve made the coolest version of Deathstroke [in any media].”

Two interesting quotes from Mattes explain the approach that they are taking towards Batman. He says that “The Batman of Arkham City is Batman 5.0. He will punch out a guy without looking at him knowing exactly how many teeth he’s just fractured just from the feeling from his knuckles. Our Batman is version 0.9.” This reinforces what we already know about this game, that Batman will be an unfinished version who is rough around the edges. The second quote is about how they want Batman to be more mythical-like. “Making Batman scary again is important,” says Mattes. “In later years Batman becomes very much a part of the institution. That’s not who our Batman is. Our Batman blows a hole in a wall, steps through, completely wraith-like with glowing eyes, grabs a guy and disappears before the rest can even blink. And they’re like, “What was that? Was that a vampire?”

With the magazine comes a really cool poster, here is the image below:

480352_579516162069299_170169274_nBatman: Arkham Origins is set for release October 25th 2013 worldwide and for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U platforms.