How Nintendo Can Reboot The Wii U

Today, Gamechup.com reported statements from Satoru Iwata in which the Nintendo President stated that the company’s flagship console, the Wii U was misunderstood. There seems to be a general misunderstanding from within Nintendo about the views towards the Wii U from many gamers and developers. Nintendo can certainly make the console compete in the industry far beyond the release of the next generation consoles, but they must first accept the current failure of the console.

The release of the Wii U was a troubling one. After the announcement of games like Pikmin 3, Smash Bros. U and other games that would possibly be massive system sellers, the console went into a quiet patch. The release of such games as Assassin’s Creed 3, Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, and Mass Effect 3 were exciting but not enough to persuade someone to buy the console. Who will buy a current generation console immediately before a new console cycle when that console has nothing but games we already own? Exclusive games such as ZombiU, Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land were hardly inspiring. ZombiU is a perfect example of the console going wrong at the very start. A new IP that is supposed to bring Nintendo out of the stereotype of family-only games was a great concept, but in practice the game was rather lackluster. Mario? We already have enough of him on the original Wii as it is, why buy a new console for an incredibly similar game?



Some gamers (like me) are still waiting patiently for concrete news of an exclusive and very large property in the vein of Smash Bros. or a Zelda game, but Nintendo seems to be trying to focus on expanding their catalog with anything and everything else. So far, Nintendo have seemed to turn a blind eye to their faithful following and play catch up with many games that already feature elsewhere. With the imminent release of the next generation, some are fearing for the Wii U, but it is perfectly capable of surviving.



What does Nintendo need to do? What they should have done already. Release fan favorites in a relaunch. I can guarantee that if the console had one of the tried and tested, but still unique (to a degree), games such as a fully 3D Mario, Metroid or the previously mentioned Smash Bros. U in the launch library, it would have sold in droves. These kinds of games should have been released earlier to stop people from slowly losing their patience. Snatching up the sequel to Bayonetta was a brilliant move in this respect, as people will pay to play Bayonetta 2 and the exclusive nature of the game will lend Nintendo a great deal of hope. In addition, Nintendo need to show humility and admit that the Wii U has been a near failure. Following up this admission should be an explosion of exciting game reveals.


People love Nintendo. Nintendo has been the gateway into the gaming world for many people and will be thought of fondly. So reboot the Wii U. When the games that people love, games that Nintendo knew would be massive and were promised us, are a month or so away from their release dates, re-introduce the masses to the console. Remind them of the games they played when they were younger and how they still offer these experiences with other alternatives to sample. Gamers are always drawn to the next new and shiny piece of hardware, but gamers are also a nostalgic breed. If I had a dollar for every time someone mentioned GoldenEye in a first person shooter forum, I would be a millionaire. This is where Nintendo have the leverage, as just naming games such as Pokemon, Metroid, Zelda and many others all turn heads instantly. Provide these games, and will we come running towards you.

This is a universally known moment in gaming.

This is a universally known moment in gaming.

Do you think Nintendo can survive in next generation? What would you like them to release that would make you consider buying the Wii U? Let us know in the comments below.