The Top 4 Reasons You Should Be Excited For Dragon’s Maze

With the release of the latest Magic: The Gathering set, Dragon’s Maze, just around the corner, it seemed the perfect time to get my nerdgasm on. There are a tonne of reasons to get excited for the newest series of Magic: The Gathering trading cards, but here are just a few of the features that have me eager to rip open as many boosters as possible:


All Guilds Are Represented!

As the emphasis of the lore itself is placed on a competition between each of the already established Magic: The Gathering guilds, each and every one is represented. This means that no matter your preference, you’re going to be catered for.



A path that treads all 10 guild gates in order to find and activate an energy source of immense power which is enough to subjugate and control all of the guilds. The Izzet propose a challenge in which each guild selects a champion in order to navigate and conquer the maze and subsequently the other guilds, while each Champion will have to traverse the maze they will have to deal with each other guild’s attempts to halt their advance.

– (source Dragon’s Maze Wikipedia Page )

Split Cards!


Dragon’s Maze sees the release of split cards, which are essentially two cards condensed into one. Yes. split cards have been present in previous releases, but the new mechanic, ‘Fuse’, allows for the following: you may play one or the other, or both if you so choose, keeping in mind that to take advantage of each ability on a split card is generally quite expensive in terms of mana expenditure.
This is a seemingly small touch that offers a whole lot of new strategy.
This coupled with the fact that Dragon’s Maze takes incorporates all the guild-specific mechanics introduced in Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash, means that tactical options are at an impressive high point.

Release Events!

Chances are a game store near you will be hosting pre-release and release events for Dragon’s Maze. This is a great opportunity to get in quick and take advantage of the special offers many places will have on offer.
Personally, I will be taking part in a two-headed giant (2v2) tournament at the cost of $40 AUD, which will allow me to choose a guild, and make a 40 card deck out of various booster packs. All cards obtained this way, I will be allowed to keep. Winners of each round will receive 2 booster packs, and any draws payout 1 booster pack.
Cards acquired this way are preferential, based on which guild or colors you choose to go with, removing a lot of the restrictions that would come with say, having a tournament using starter packs.

Events like this shouldn’t be hard to find in your area, and are a fantastic way to get a substantial, not to mention quite a personal, head-start.


Open the Gates!



Dragon’s Maze boosters will not contain standard land cards, and will instead focus on providing players with Guildgates. There is a strong emphasis on multicolored cards in Dragon’s Maze, and this reinforces that fact.
Besides, anyone who already plays Magic: The Gathering will undoubtedly already own more than enough single-color lands, and will welcome this variety to their collection wholeheartedly.



Check out the official Dragon’s Maze trailer below: