Add-ons For World of Warcraft: Divinium’s Essentials

In my years of playing World of Warcraft, I’ve steadily heard of new and helpful add-ons that make the experience more enjoyable.  My development of a pack revolved around the add-ons that I found myself re-installing each time I move to a different computer.  I’ve posted the following pack on Curse for you to use, but I’ll also mention some one-off mods that have made my life easier doing specific tasks.

The Pack

Here’s the list of add-ons I’ve put in Divi’s Essentials Pack, and a brief description and reason I use them:

  • Auctioneer – When this add-on is functioning correctly, it makes tracking the auction house prices and determining a reasonable market price for practically anything.  It also tells you, with a confidence rating, how well the item in question sells, and can track items on the auction house that have been posted for well under what it considers market price, as well as track items you can buy to vendor for a profit.
  • Bagnon – This one is one of my favorites.  It combines all of your bags in your inventory and bank into a single window.

Bagnon’s UI is sleek and easy to use.

  • Deadly Boss Mods – This one gives raid warnings with more details and timers than those built into the game.  Most raid teams require this or some other form of raid alerts.  This is the most popular, and has several additional kits to implement the alerts for older content.
  • HealBot Continued – Often considered only for healers, this add-on can also track buffs and debuffs and allows click-button combo single action casts to be performed on any group member without ever getting off the main target.

HealBot is easy to use and set up, and is usable by any class or spec.

  • IceHUD – This puts arc health and resource bars around your character, also showing the targets health and resources, as well as target information below your character.
  • MikScrollingBattleText – MSBT scrolls buffs, healing, and damage input and output around a similar arc as the IceHUD, as well as alerts that pop up when cooldowns are up.
  • Postal – This adds more functionality to the mailbox, allowing the opening of several messages/packages.  It makes the retrieval of auction house purchases and sales seamless.
  • Quartz – Improves cast bars
  • Recount – Detailed breakdowns of every metric you can think of

Recount, used by millions of players, tracks important metrics like healing and damage.

  • Tidy Plates – Overhead health and cast bars for enemies/friends
  • Titan Panel – Adds a bar on the top of the screen to track several things like time to level, durability, and bag space.  Many add-ons also integrate with Titan Panel.

Other Add-ons

Beyond these, I find other add-ons helpful as well, and have found new ones since making this pack.

  • SpellFlash – Alerts on the action bars when important cooldowns are ready, as well as when spells should be used based on procs.
  • Gathermate 2 – Tracks gathering (mining/herbalism) nodes.
  • GTFO – Alerts you when you’re standing in AoE damage.
  • HealersHaveToDie – Pops up warnings about enemy healers in the area (in PvP and PvE) as well as tells you when friendly healers are under attack.

HealersHaveToDie puts a red cross over enemy healers heads, and the default healer icon over friendly healers.

  • Ingela’s Rapture – Specifically for Discipline Priests, lets you know when the Rapture cooldown has reset.

These are all of my recommended add-ons for general use.  If you have any that you like using that you don’t see here, recommend it in the comments below.

See the UI in action in future livestreams on Twitch.TV by looking up WeatheredTunic and following.