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5 Hidden Gems of the PSN Store

There are so many great games on the PSN Store, but some get lost and forgotten about. I’ve decided to list you my favorite five hidden gems of the PSN Store. So, if you like the sound of car football and a murderous baby chick, read on.

Tokyo Jungle



You will have probably heard of Tokyo Jungle, but it’s unlikely you’ve played it. Tokyo Jungle is probably one of the most Japanese games on the PSN store, and therefore one of the strangest. The human race has died out mysteriously and so animals have taken over. Domesticated pets have become feral, and the animals in the zoo have broken free. You can choose to start off as a carnivore Pomeranian or a  herbivore Sika Deer, and must run around Tokyo breeding, eating and completing challenges to try and survive for as long as you can. The more years that go by though, the fiercer the animals get: lions, bears and even dinosaurs start to appear – eek! However, by completing challenges, you too can play as a velociraptor eventually. Or perhaps you’d like to try your luck as a baby chick. With over 50 animals to play as, the choice is yours.

Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars



If you like soccer and cars, this is the perfect game for you. If you don’t like soccer or cars, this is the perfect game for you. Supersonic is awesome fun whether you enjoy trying to get a ball into a goal or not. It’s a great party game which has you driving around as a remote controlled car smashing into other players in a desperate scramble to score as many goals as possible, whilst defending your own goal. Screaming at the TV (and your friends) is guaranteed.

Trash Panic

trash panic


Another bizarre Japanese game that deserves your attention is Trash Panic. It has, quite possibly, the hardest trophies known to man as it’s much tougher than it seems. There are five stages which come in varying difficulty levels, but essentially you must fit all the trash into the trash can without any spilling over. If you want to get a really good score, you’ve got to do it as environmentally friendly as possible (so no oil explosions please). Smash, burn and rot away items in order to fit them all in without letting the pressure get to you. If you’re up for a challenge, this is definitely the game for you.

Dungeon Defenders

dungeon defenders


Dungeon Defenders is the perfect co-op game. Up to four players can take on the role of the huntress, knight, monk and mage to defeat the bad guys and defend the crystals of Eternia. Each class has different abilities and can be upgraded and personalized to your liking. Its colorful and cute artwork will suck you in, but the gameplay will keep you playing for days to come. The only downside is it’s a bit too difficult to play it single player, so you’ll be better off with a teammate or two.

Castle Crashers



Another great four player adventure is Castle Crashers. Don’t be fooled by its adorable artwork; it’s actually pretty brutal. Four knights are on a mission to save four kidnapped princesses, and so you must hack, slash and magic your way through hordes of enemies. There’s epic boss fights, cool weapons to collect, and you even get cute floating pets who boost your abilities. Plus, Castle Crashers has perhaps one of the best video game soundtracks around.

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