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Tomb Raider Flash Sale For $29.99 This Weekend

So you tell me that you’re tired of paying $60 just to get yourself a decent gaming experience? Well boy do I have news for you. Tomb Raider is half off! Yes, that’s correct half price, with the inclusion of DLC and an extra game as well! Now is your chance to play this game for a great price with a load of extras included in the package. For a limited time you can get your hands on a digital copy of the critically acclaimed game for $29.99. The PlayStation Store will be running this deal until noon on Monday April 29th. This is part of a weekend only flash sale that Sony is running. The bundle includes the Tomb Raider game, 3 DLC packs for the game, and also the game Quantum Conundrum all for your $29.99. That’s a great deal considering Quantum Conundrum runs $14.99 on its own.


Tomb Raider took critics by storm, the game offered a long-awaited Tomb Raider experience that could rival its best predecessors. Nearly all of the corner stones that made the classics so great are touched upon in this most recent rendition. You’ll see Laura scaling walls and spelunking into dark and ominous caves like a pro. For anyone who has played the Uncharted series, you’ll feel right at home in  this game.

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Tomb Raider also brings an M rating and miles more action and gunplay than the series has seen recently. Watching Laura choke out a patrolling enemy with her bow before then stealthily taking out more enemies with her arrows is spectacular. Square Enix does an amazing job illustrating the changes one must undergo to survive. While playing, you too will see Laura changing over time, reacting to her environment. It all adds up to present itself as a game that proves as emotionally jarring as it is fun to play.

If you hadn’t had the chance yet to pick this one up, then this is a great opportunity. Tomb Raider, Quantum Conundrum, and 3 Tomb Raider DLC packs is well worth the $29.99 it costs. Hop on to the PlayStation Store and get this package before the deal ends at noon, Monday April 29th. Don’t miss out on one of the best games of this year!

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