WCS 2013

Starcraft II World Championship Series 2013 Kicks Off Around the World

Update 6/7 – Click here for the latest recap (WCS America Season 1 Finals)

The 2013 Starcraft II World Championship Series (WCS) has officially begun in two of the three participating regions. WCS Europe kicked off Season 1 earlier this week, and Korea is well on its way to Round 2. WCS America won’t lag behind for long, as the region prepares to begin league play next week. WCS promises to deliver intense and constant Starcraft II action throughout the year, as the world’s top competitors wrestle for the crown in this year’s Grand Finals at Blizzcon 2013.

League play begins in America on April 29th, and I’ll be bringing you weekly updates so you won’t miss a beat. Keep checking back to stay on top of each week’s WCS action, including recaps, videos of amazing games, and current rankings for the top players.

Last year’s WCS wrapped up with an epic battle in Shanghai between the best players in the world, and the 2013 seasons promises to deliver even more intense action as the pros bring their best Heart of the Swarm micro to the table.

WCS America Season 1 Premier League Qualifiers

The qualifiers for the WCS America Season 1 Premier league have finally wrapped up, and the final roster is in. This year’s 8 qualified players (who will join the other 24 invited players in the Americas region) are: Alicia, Oz, CranK, TheStC, Apocalypse, Heart, aLive, and Revival.

Alicia made an impressive showing at this year’s qualifier tournament, taking out JYP 2 -1 and defeating both Zenio and Revival 2-0. TheSTC performed in similar fashion, shutting down Miya 2-1 and denying both Bails and Comm 2-0. CranK worked his way to a guaranteed Premier League spot by going 2-1 against Sasquatch and Apocalypse before beating Top 2-0. Oz joined the other three in the winners’ circle by taking down owmygroin 2-0, DeMusliM 2-1, and aLive 2-0. The other four qualified players earned their spot through their performance in the lower bracket after being knocked out of the top bracket.

The final eight Americas players for WCS 2013 consist of three Protoss, four Terrans, and a single Zerg.

As a first taste of the action to come, check out this exciting best-of-three qualifier match between Alicia and Revival from earlier this week:

WCS Europe and Korea Premier League Lineup

The Premier League is set in both Europe and Korea, with each region boasting 32 players in the top tier. Players to keep an eye on in these these regions include:


  • Ret – Team Liquid
  • Grubby – Team Grubby
  • Mvp – Incredible Miracle
  • TLO – Team Liquid
  • Stephano – Evil Geniuses


  • Leenok – FX Open
  • MarineKing – Prime
  • TaeJa – Team Liquid
  • Creator – Prime
  • Flash – KT Rolster

Check out the full roster of all 96 Premier League players at Battle.net!

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