Next Final Fantasy Tactics Game Comes To Mobile

Today, Square Enix has unveiled the fourth game in the spin-off series Final Fantasy Tactics. The new game, titled Final Fantasy Tactics S, will release on iPhone and Android devices at a later date. The game will be handled by Mobage, the same company that put out one of Square’s other mobile titles, Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. The teaser site for the game is up. Be warned though, it is all in Japanese.. However, what one can gather from the site is the return of old enemies and characters, as well as seemingly more detailed character sprites. According to Silconera, the game will have a variety of jobs and abilities, as was the case for the previous entries in the series. The Tactics games have always been a well-polished experience, as well as fun for strategy fans. Hopefully, being more social and having a different developer will not change that too much.

The first game followed characters involved in brutal military intrigue, and while the next two titles were much less violent, they still had deep stories and memorable characters, and I am excited to see what Square has in mind for this story. However, with Final Fantasy Tactics S being a mobile game based around social interactions, (if it works anything like Airborne Brigade), it may leave out a story altogether, which would definitely be a disappointing thing. For those of you have fond memories of the Tactics series, find your Playstation, GBA, DS, Vita, or PSP, and pop in your favorite, and let’s just hope that this game makes its way over here and keeps all of the redeeming qualities of previous Tactics games.

Also of note, on the teaser site near the bottom is a QR code. When scanned, it opens up a mobile version of the site, still in Japanese, that looks slightly different from the main version.

Anyway, how does this news affect you, community? Do you have fond memories of the Tactics games, or is this your first time hearing about them? All I can say is, if you enjoy tough strategy games, then you are missing out by not playing them. We’ll be keeping our eye on this game and inform you of any details that rise up. Finally, remember, if you have any information for us as to news about the industry, make sure to send us a tip at the top of the page.

[Information courtesy of Siliconera]