M-77 Paladin

Three New Mass Effect Replicas Coming Soon From Project Triforce

Whether for cosplay or to show how big a fan of BioWare’s Mass Effect series you are, you can now pre-order three new Mass Effect replica weapons from Project Triforce starting today. But it’ll cost a pretty penny.

Mass Effect was an epic sci-fi action RPG third person shooter series chronicling the journey of Commander Sheppard and the race to save the galaxy from the Reapers. In addition to plenty of side missions and the occasional love scene that news media would occasionally blow out of proportion, Mass Effect had some pretty impressive weapon designs. Sleek, stylish, robust, or a combination of the above, these weapons have been replicated as fan creations and professionally crafted models. Project Triforce happens to be in the latter category.

Today, Project Triforce announced that they are taking pre-orders on three replica Mass Effect weapons: The M-6 Carnifex, the M-77 Paladin, and the Geth Pulse Rifle. Expertly sculpted, painted and cast in polystone, these props have the right look and weight of their in-game counterparts. The pistols weigh seven pounds and are 12.5 inches in length while the rifle is 33 inches and 20 pounds. All replicas will have LED effects. Usually limited to 500 units produced, each Mass Effect weapon is sure to be a collector’s item.

You’d better prepare your wallets for a reaping if you want to own one of these replicas. Pre-order reservations for the pistols are $100 each and the pulse rifle goes for $187.50. Expect to pay $400 total for the pistols and $750 for the pulse rifle. I personally like the design and color of the M-77 Paladin.

You can ogle more of the quality craftsmanship of Project Triforce like replicas, busts, and statues on their products page.


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