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Spicy Horse Reveals Their Latest Title: Hell Invaders

Spicy Horse, developer of games such as Akaneiro: Demon Hunters and Crazy Fairies, has revealed their next project with Hell Invaders, a collectible card game/RTS hybrid set in the Underworld (the title is currently a working title, so it may change).

Hell Invaders screenshot 1

American McGee and Spicy Horse Games are currently working on the latest free-to-play title, with the designer describing the project as “an action game with card-collecting features.” The basic premise of the game appears to be that you, the player, enter the underworld to rescue souls that demons have unjustly damned to Hell. You face against monsters and Orbit, Lord of the Dead, in a war that eventually leads you to your destiny as Master of Souls, which is quite the epic storyline.

Hell Invaders is set to feature actual card battles, rather than two cards ‘fighting’ on a table top. The creatures all have 3D representations to fight it out to the death, and there are cards for upgrades and swappable skills. Two of the same card can actually be completely different, despite leveling them up. Yes, as with other popular online card games, you need to level up the cards to make them better in combat. This can be done through the PVP Arenas and, as always, lots of practice. This PVP mode takes place alongside the single-player campaign. As well as these features, there is card trading, card management and other social features for the less combat-inclined, or those who simply wish to collect the gorgeous cards.

As for the cards, each one will have one of three classes: melee, range or healer. These will also have one of the four base elements: fire, water, earth and wind. Each monster has skill slots to modify the base attributes (using the upgrade and skill cards).

Hell Invaders card management in action

Hell Invaders card management in action

Because Hell Invaders is a free-to-play game, it stands to make money through extra purchases. Players can buy booster packs, forging materials or even passive attributes that increase the likelihood of a better reward battle.

Currently Hell Invaders is scheduled for a Fall release on PC, Mac, Linux and tablets, and more information and screens will be released from Spicy Horse Games in the upcoming months.

I’ve played most of Spicy Horse’s games and they’ve been consistently good, so I’m expecting some good things here from this card game hybrid. With online collectible card games seeming to do well at the moment (Magic: The Gathering Online as an example, with well over 300,000 players) it looks like American and Spicy Horse could have found another popular market to dip into.