SimCity Update Disaster: Patch 2.0

Yesterday EA rolled out a new update for the buggy and somewhat troubled new SimCity. And to make matters worse, well, the update makes matters worse. You know the old saying “if a tree falls and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound”, well in SimCity, that of course is a big YES. Apparently the patch has caused a “few” more bugs to spring up including trees making siren and honking noises…

But the bugs don’t end there, here are just a few that are making the rounds on the internet today:

  • Trees making siren and honking noises
  • Leaderboards showing no data
  • Too much poop
  • Various transit issues

Too much poop… About that, you know the out flow pipes you install before you have enough bucks to purchase a treatment plant, well apparently they have been reduced in capacity and now some cities are literally floating on brown. When you ask your neighboring city “Are you in the red?” you might get a “no, but I’m in the brown”. A “poo city” if you will. The list of bugs are so large there is a post on Reddit dedicated to the reports. And now for your entertainment, a wailing tree.