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Nintendo Direct Replacing Traditional E3 Conference

Satoru Iwata announced during Nintendo’s financial results briefing that Nintendo would not have a traditional E3 presence this year, instead using the channel of Nintendo Direct to relegate information to gamers and investors alike.

In the briefing, there was an emphasis on simply getting games out, and talking about games. The shift to Nintendo Direct as their primary channel for news and announcements seemed to be motivated by their desire to send the right information to the relevant audiences, something which Iwata belives will be more achievable through Nintendo Direct. Having said that, since Nintendo Direct’s creation, they have “been paying special attention to the fact that different people demand different types of information from us” and “given that we now have an established method such as Nintendo Direct, we feel that we will be able to deliver our messages more appropriately and effectively by doing so individually based on the various needs of different groups of people.”

However, that’s not to say Nintendo will not be at the next E3 at all, as they are planning to have “a few smaller events that are specifically focused on our software lineup for the U.S”, and one “closed event for American distributors” making clear their renewed focus and care for US audiences (evinced further by Nintendo of America finally announcing a North American release of EarthBound).

Also notable from their briefing is their statement that no new hardware will be announced or revealed by Nintendo at E3, and that they will instead focus on letting more people experience their games, experience the Wii U, and use E3 to “talk in detail mainly about the Wii U titles that we are going to launch this year. They also “plan to make it possible for visitors to try the games immediately” in a bid to pull more consumers towards their currently struggling home console.

Source: Financial Results Briefing (Transcript)



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