New Battlefield 4 Details Leaked From Promo Poster?

A retail poster has surfaced from Australia for EA’s first person shooter, Battlefield 4. The poster includes information regarding downloadable content, the next generation of Battlelog (2.0, surprisingly) and more.

According to, who posted the image, the poster originates from Australian retailer EB Games. The poster itself is very interesting, if it is real, as it sheds light on some features in the game that we have not yet heard about. Firstly, the poster talks about a “brand new Commander mode.” Commander mode was a feature that has been absent from the Battlefield series since Battlefield 2142 which was released in 2006. It allowed one payer on a team to view the entire battlefield from a top-down perspective and direct team mates from the position. Also revealed in the promotional image was Battlelog 2.0 being implemented into the game, to “track every shot, every enemy, every detail of your Battlefield career.” Battlefield Premium, a paid-for service that was introduced in Battlefield 3 for $49.99, will return for the fourth game, giving buyers “exclusive uniforms, weapons, and more.” In this section, a DLC package was also mentioned. Called Drone Strike, it will be the first package to release for Battlefield 4, according to the poster. Here is the image (thanks to for the image):


The poster features all the right logos and images but it is still not clear if the poster is real. If the poster is fake, that is a marvelous job of faking a promotional poster.

We had previously covered the first reveal video of Battlefield 4 featuring 17 minutes of pure gameplay footage.

Battlefield 4 is currently announced for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and a release on next generation consoles had been heavily rumored until confirmation came from EA’s President, Frank Gibeau. The game’s official release window is Fall 2013 and the poster reflects this with an October 31st 2013 date at the top.